Welcome to my, Ylva Faith Trollstierna´s American English page. 

This page -Tarotbliss is from me to you. I´m Swedish so please have patience with my English (read between the words or mail me and help me correct it). I don't want you to miss anything of my knowledge mostly in the subject of Tarot; that is my passion. Check out my new deck, Prisma Tarot, look at and read the meaning of all the 78 cards. My goal is also that you should be able to read your horoscope for each signs period. And as time goes by this page will more and more be like the Swedish page that has a lot to offer.

Internet On-line courses and membership will be available soon for you that want to learn more from my experience and knowledge. I have written about 6000 A4 pages about Tarot in Swedish and 23 books and created four decks.


Today 7/26 I created this webpage instead of Tarotbliss.  No membership is available at the moment. Thanks for visiting.